Pastor Emmanuel and Intercession Power House Ministries value marriage, as it is God’s first constitution from the beginning of God’s  creation. Marriage is a gift from God and we must handle it well, and with great respect, as it is a blessing from God.

The bible says : “He who finds a wife find a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord” (Proverb 18-22). Pastor Emmanuel raised up a team called the Marriage Council, who are taking care of marriage matters, by teaching the congregation the importance of marriage and how they should give value to their marriage and enjoy it. (Ephesians 5:22 – 29).

Pastor Emmanuel and the Marriage Council organises monthly marriage seminars whereby they educate couples and those who are preparing to enter in matrimony, to build the marriage on God’s foundation.

The teaching helps people to see the two ways of marriage. The Godly way and the traditional way and how they should live as husband and wife in a Godly way. We have heard lots of testimonies and seen success when people  attended the marriage seminars.

The teaching opens many people’s eyes to enjoy their marriage in peace. Each and everyone knows his/her role in the marriage.

Many marriages have been restored and became peaceful. The teaching helps people to discover the problem in their marriage and how to solve it.