Prayer Mountain

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Pastor Emmanuel has devoted his life to prayer and strongly believes in the power of prayer. Earlier in his ministry GOD called him as a prayer warrior to stand in the gap for the nation, prayer became his life.

There is something special about mountains. According to the bible, Moses went to the mountain, where he received the ten commandments.

Elijah went to the mountain when he prayed to GOD to send the rain, and even JESUS spent time on the mountain in prayer.

Every time GOD’s servants whom He used went to the mountain to pray, something happened.

When GOD called Pastor Emmanuel he was on the mountain, where he used to go and pray in Lubumbashi (DRC). He used to spend days and weeks praying on that mountain.

When he came to Walvis Bay in Namibia, he was looking for a place to pray. In 2005 he discovered a mountain in the desert outside the town, which is called Voggelfedderberg, but is now known among many Christians as a quiet place of prayer.

The Intercession Power House members organise a visit to the prayer mountain once every month, and that has brought many changes in people’s lives and in the community.

From these prayers on the mountain many testimonies have come such as barren women getting babies, deliverance, healing and many breakthroughs in people’s lives.